Testimony of Past Residents

"I was the type of drinker that drank alone, at home, in my case the garage. I knew about CRA because my sponsor took me to an AA meeting there. I remember thinking at the time that I wish I could stay there around sober women. It was a safe place. I have to this day stayed sober because of CRA and have been reunited with my children."  Shelley P.

"My time at CRA was very healing and rewarding. I came six months after treatment but was still not ready to live on my own. I made lifelong friends and managed to rebuild my life. I learned how to live without drugs and alcohol on a daily basis, with constant love and support."   Stacey C.

"Living in a community of women in recovery provided the opportunity to apply the program under the calm and graceful guidance of a Director with over 30 years of sobriety and recovery and an incredible understanding of the distinct issues that women face."   Kas S.

"I learned that living with other people just like me was the best way to build a solid foundation and a great new life. More that anything else it is consideration for others and behaviors consisting of love, patience and tolerance. I gained tools and support to get my life back on track."    Darcy D.

"The purpose of CRA and transitional housing is not just to provide a roof overhead. It is for growth. It is for healing. And it is where miracles happen."   Anonymous